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ERGOFAB, specialist in the design and manufacturing of control stations, ergonomic seating and industrial cabs, offers practical and concrete solutions to improve your comfort while complying with the standards of your industry in terms of occupational health and safety.

We adjust, repair and optimize your workstations so they can meet the needs of your company and your workers.

« Our clients are actively involved in the design process and implementation of their projects , allowing them to reap the maximum benefits. »
Ergonomic Seating
ERGOFAB | Ergonomic Seats
- Trucks - Graders - Power shovels
- Lift trucks - Passenger vehicles
- Off-road trucks - Farm vehicles
- Loaders
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Control Stations
ERGOFAB | Control Stations
- Overhead cranes - Cranes
- Drilling machines - Training seating
- Heavy vehicles - Cabs
- Forest vehicles- Trains
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Control Rooms
and Industrial Cabs
ERGOFAB | Industrial Cabs
- Aluminium smelters - Foundries
- Steel mills - Mining companies
- Logging companies
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Qualification in Occupational
Health and Safety
Since June 2014, ERGOFAB is a CSST approved supplier in occupational health and safety. Do not hesitate to use our services in managing your projects in OHS.

24/24 – 7/7 Technical Support

You need services to perform maintenance, carry out urgent repairs at your site/facility or perform an installation? Our service unit and our technicians are ready at all times and available to meet your needs.

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